TP-100-LR-85-90, Flex Tap, Fibre, multi-speed

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Ixia Part Number: TP-100-LR-85-90

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TP-100-LR-85-90, Flex Tap, Fibre, multi-speed provide reliable continuous visibility of 100% of network traffic to support performance and security with no network performance degradation or disruption.

Key Benefits:

  • Low insertion loss – minimize impact on data flows
  • Flex Tap is fully passive – monitoring infrastructure does not impact network availability
  • Does not modify traffic – tools see real copies of the packets from the network
  • High density – Save valuable rack real estate
  • Cost effective – avoid costly expenses managing SPAN ports

TP-100-LR-85-90, Flex Tap, Fibre, multi-speed are Flexible and scalable, each Tap in the family is modular, can supports speeds up to 100G, and is 100 percent passive. Flex Taps are
available in multimode and single mode fiber varieties with split ratios ranging from 50/50 up to 90/10. Depending on the model, the Flex Tap is available with either LC or MTP (MPO) connectors.
The design of the Flex Tap is optimized and tested for high-performance fiber networks ranging from 1G to 100G. Flex Taps are deployed at any inline connection on the network, therefore no additional overhead or management burden is added to the network devices to copy traffic for the monitoring/security infrastructure.

The Flex Tap is compatible with all major manufacturers’ monitoring devices, including protocol analyzers, probes, and intrusion detection systems, and is protocol agnostic.

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