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EtherScope nXG users can now perform Passive, Active WiFi surveys, and Bluetooth/BLE surveys simultaneously.

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The EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert is a multi-technology, all-in-one handheld network analyzer.  This enables engineers and technicians to get more done faster. From deployment to maintenance, troubleshooting, and documentation of their ever-changing Wi-Fi and Ethernet access networks.


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The EtherScope nXG

Portable Network Expert is a multi technology, all in one handheld network analyzer tool.


Now with LANBERT™ Media Qualification App

Importantly LANBERT generates and measures the transmission of line rate Ethernet frames over your network cabling infrastructure, helping top qualify its ability to support 1G/10G on fiber and 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G on copper links.

The EtherScope nXG All-in-One Platform

The Etherscope nXG is also an Android-based handheld network tester that verifies, discovers and troubleshoots Wi-Fi and Ethernet network infrastructures.

Native 4×4 Wi-Fi that supports:

  •  802.11a/b/g/n/ac (wave 2) Wi-Fi network connectivity.
  • Wi-Fi 5/6 network visibility.
  • Analysis of SSIDs, BSSIDs, channel, client devices, and interference sources.

Ethernet port supports:

  • 10/100/1000Mbps to 2.5/5/10G.
  • Verifies loaded power from 90W PoE switch.
  • Built-in Bluetooth v5/BLE and USB interfaces to discover and configure nearby device.

Auto-Discovery Tool:

When using the EtherScope nXG you can instantly discover network devices across multiple VLANs and Wi-Fi SSIDs through four Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces upon power up.

Above all the amazing tool also has a filter and sorting function with automatic problem detection that can easily identify issues such as.

  • Duplicate IP’s.
  • Congested switch ports.
  • Oversubscribed Wi-Fi channels/SSID’s.
  • Security issues, like, unknown switches, access points with open authentication and unencrypted APs.
  • Path Analysis shows the switch/router path to any connected device.


10G Line Rate Performance Test:

The EtherScope nXG can also generate and measure up to four streams of IP-based traffic through the Ethernet test port as a result you can.

  • Load the network with up to full 10G line-rate traffic.
  • Test for packet loss, delay, and jitter.

Also supports popular iPerf network throughout testing forWi-Fi and Wired networks.

likewise you can verify Complex Networks with its out-of-the-box Auto test profiles for Wi-Fi and wired networks that it can be customised for your network.

Why not execute multiple AutoTest profiles that shorten test time to verify multiple VLANs and Wi-Fi SSID’s.

additionally define and assign groups of targets to AutoTest profiles to verify performance using ping, TCP Connect, Web, or FTP. Best of all it can Packet capture from Wi-Fi and Ethernet to PCAP file.

The EtherScope nXG Centralised Management:

Further more a complimentary Link-Live Cloud Service stores test result and site data so upload for automated reporting and documentation.

Available API enables seamless data integration between Link-Live and Trouble-ticket or network management systems.

Finally for more information on any of the Netally or Iris Networks products please feel free to contact us directly.

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For even more information visit Netally at

Likewise you can learn more about the EtherScope nXG or any of the NetAlly tools by visiting us at

1 review for EtherScope nXG From NetAlly

  1. 5 out of 5

    A swiss army knife approach but good value if you do not own any of the NetAlly hardware already. Everything it can do I can do with other Netally devices like the Linkrunner, Onetouch and Aircheck although I have to carry 3 items with me rather than just one.

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