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AirMagnet Survey on Demand is an economical way to enable network professionals to validate 802.11 wireless LAN networks for optimal performance, security, and compliance on a rental basis. This solution goes beyond simply verifying RF coverage by plotting actual end-user network performance in terms of connection speed, throughput, and packet statistics. Survey on Demand helps you get Wi-Fi installations right the first time, preventing costly rework and user complaints.


  • Perform multiple surveys at the same time
  • A unique license for each surveyor
  • No need to share laptops, tablets, or dongles
  • Perfect for when you only need to perform a few projects a year
  • Remove the need of having to spend exorbitant amounts of money on full survey kits that you don’t need 


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Airmagnet survey on Demand

  • Run multiple independent site survey projects at the same time.
  • Use your licenses only when you need them.
  • Cost effectively enable hundreds of surveyors.
  • Collect real-world data by performing true end-user experience measurements using any Wi-Fi adapter.
  • Generate heatmaps that provide full visibility of WLAN coverage, interference, throughput, data rates, retries, loss, and more.



  • Measure and assess end-user experience
  • Shows coverage of specific 802.11 parameters:

-Modulation and Coding Schemes (MCS)

-Channel width

-Operating mode (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax)

  • Complete Wi-Fi heatmap of performance metrics
  • Allows IT staff to design and deploy WLAN accurately


Real-World Data

  • Emulates real-world client behavior
  • Reduces site surveying time
  • Create “what-if” scenarios:

– Changing AP transmit power

– Channel

– Environmental noise

  • Simulate moving, removing, or adding APs
  • Avoid interference and over-allocation


  • Fully-automated outdoor wireless site surveys
  • Leverage GPS device to collect outdoor wireless data
  • Import street maps of any city
  • Export heatmaps into Google Earth

VoWLAN Deployment


  •  Built-in voice readiness verification system 
  • Validate and plot: 

– Phone call quality 

– Capacity 

– Other voice specific parameters 


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