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Etherscope 300


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    Airmagnet Survey ProAirmagnet & Airmaper

    AirMagnet Survey Pro (Incl. Planner Module), NetAlly

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    Now enables Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) planning and the ability to import AirMapper data – whether collected via AirCheck™ G2 or EtherScope™ nXG – for in-depth Wi-Fi heatmap analysis with the patented AirWISE® engine.



    Simple to use, the AirMapper app is ideal for quick site surveys of new deployments, change validation, and performance.


    • Wi-Fi 6 Survey Support
    • iPerf 3 and Test Accessory Support
    • Lots of new Antenna Patterns
    • AP Name Support for More Vendors
    • Extreme Networks
    • Mist Networks


    With Airmagnet Survey Pro you can design and utilise the most advanced indoor and outdoor wireless LAN network (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) correctly the first time and avoid IT complaints and costly rework.


    For more information on wireless site surveys, read our blog HERE

    NetAlly, Airmangnet, Netscout

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  • Etherscope-kitEtherScope nXG Netally

    EtherScope nXG KIT From NetAlly

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    NetAlly, Airmangnet, Netscout

    EtherScope nXG users can now quickly and easily gather location-based Wi-Fi measurements and create visual heat maps of key performance metrics in the Link-Live Cloud Service. Now includes Airmapper App.

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    learn more on how Airmapper can help with quick site surveys and more HERE   The EtherScope nXG KIT Portable Network Expert is a multi-technology, all-in-one handheld network analyzer.  The EtherScope nXG enables engineers and technicians to get more done faster. From deployment to maintenance, troubleshooting, and documentation of their ever-changing Wi-Fi and Ethernet access networks.

    EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert Professional Kit Includes:

    • EXG-200 mainframe with Li-ION battery
    • G3-HOLSTER, SFP+MR- 10G850
    • SFP+MR-10G1310
    • RJ-45 inline coupler
    • TEST-ACC
    • WIREVIEW 1-6, IntelliToneTM 200 Probe
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Medium Softcase

    To learn more about the EtherScope nXG or any of the NetAlly tools Visit us at

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  • IOTA ProfitapProbe capture analyse

    IOTA from ProfiTap

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    IOTA – All In One Analysis Solution

    IOTA has been developed to meet the needs of the industry’s top network analysts and engineers. It is a versatile integrated solution, combining capture, storage, and analysis capabilities in a single device. It can be deployed easily anywhere in the field, both as a portable and as a rack-mounted data center solution.

    Designed to be easy to use, IOTA can be set up and activated without extensive IT knowledge. Once in place, the analysis can be performed remotely by network experts. IOTA’s in-line circuit is isolated from the other interfaces, internal storage, and analysis processing, ensuring the integrity of the network being monitored.


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    For more information on the IOTA by ProfiTap, please visit the website HERE

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  • TPA2-CU3 Ixia TAP Front

    TPA2-CU3, Ixia, Port Agg Tap, Inline, Copper, 10/100/1G

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    Ixia Part Number: TPA-CU3

    Key Features


    • Supports full-duplex monitoring with a single NIC, increasing monitoring efficiency
    • Regeneration Tap technology enables two devices to simultaneously monitor all aggregated traffic – using only one NIC per device
    • 1Gb memory buffer prevents data loss during excessive traffic loads
    • Provides complete fullduplex visibility at 10/100/1Gb without data stream interference or introducing a point of failure
    • Passes all traffic (including errors) from all layers for comprehensive troubleshooting
    • No IP address is needed for the tap or monitoring device
    • Redundant power ensures monitoring uptime
    • LED indicators show redundant power, speed, link, and activity status
    • Front-mounted connectors support easy installation and operation
    • Monitoring and network cables included for plug-and-play deployment
    • Optional 19-inch rack frames hold up to two Taps
    • Compatible with all major manufacturers’ monitoring devices

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