Security Solutions

Network Behavioural Analytics

Wireless Security & Intrusion Provension/Detection

Machine learning, anomalous behavioural analytics and event detection

Machine learning, Anomaly Detection System and volumetric DDoS protection

Sensor based architecture to detect and prevent malicious activity on any wifi network. Also can monitor and detect cellular activity

SSL Visibility

Web Isolation

Dedicated solution to gain visibility in to SSL encrypted traffic

Isolate risky web traffic to help prevent malware and phishing attacks

Secure Web Gateway & Security Appliance

SWG, content analysis, web filter, AV, SSL proxy appliance

Cloud managed firewall, content filtering, link bonding and anti virus solution

Block unwanted traffic and known malicious IPs from hitting your firewall. Also, block based on Geo rules

DDoS Protection

Cloud Access Security Broker

For 17 years, Arbor Networks has provided DDoS, Advanced Persistent Threat & Network Visibility solutions for some of the world’s largest organization

Confidently use cloud applications whilst staying safe, secure and compliant

Advanced Threat Platform

Social Media Security

Arbor Spectrum with ISNG enables security and network teams visibility and access to real-time and historical wire data, providing smart data for rapid detection

Protect personal and corporate social media accounts from malicious activity, brand impersonation. Look for threats based on geolocation and much more

Vulnerability Assessment

Anti Virus

Protect your environment with the first vulnerability management platform for today’s modern assets – cloud, containers, web apps and more. Unify IT and OT security for complete visibility

Market leading anti-virus system

Taps & Packet Brokers

Security Testing

Get access to your network and create efficient visibility fabric for your IDS/IPS and traffic visibility/recording platforms

Test platform to ensure security appliances are doing what they should be!

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ProfiTap Provide Network Visibility Soultions Including TAPS and Packet Brokers For Network Analysis & Security

Cloud Managed Security Cameras

SIEM Optimisation

Drastically reduce SIEM licensing costs, increase efficiency, increase security, reduce volume of Syslog messages

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