WyeBot - Wireless Intelligence platform

The most comprehensive 24x7 Wireless Intelligence Platform

Wyebot – Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP)

Wyebot – Wireless Intelligence Platform is a vendor agnostic solution that provides an independent view into the performance of the wireless infrastructure. By deploying Wyebot sensors into your network, you gain immediate actionable user intelligence into user experience and underlying network performance. With 24/7 capture you are able to gain historical data and base decisions on facts. Wyebot is helping organisations in every type of industry improve user experience, network efficiency, and performance.

Wyebot sensor

Wyebot’s Award Winning Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP)

The Wyebot sensors include 3 radios which work simultaneously, 2 of the radios collecting data and the 3rd radios acting as a Wifi client connecting to the network. This offers a full 360 degrees view of your wifi network. Each Sensors continuously send the information to the dashboard, and giving you real-time, easy to read actionable intelligence.   

With historical data for up to 30 days you can make network decisions based on true data.  

Additionally the WIP’s AI engine uses behavioural profiling and device pattern recognition to understand how your network should perform. Wyebot provides real-time alerts with root-cause identification when your network behaviour changes.

Whether you’re in education, warehouse logistics, retail or office workspace, Wyebot will give you the valid real-time data to ensure your network is available and complete user experience. 

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The Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP), offers a drill down in to every WiFi abnormality, delivering root cause identification and actionable insight with real-time alerts. Offering proactive 24/7 detection, notification, mitigation and complete ecosystem visibility, organisations can now experience the benefits of a better Wi-Fi network including amazing user experience, boosted productivity and overall client satisfaction. Visit Wyebot’s website for further information

Airtime utilisation

Wyebot: wireless Intelligence Platform Features

  • Save up to 90% in Mean-Time-to-Resolution
  • Reduce WiFi problem tickets by more than 60%
  • Capture and analyse data
  • Automatically produce actionable intelligence using Artificial Intelligence Support for WiFi 6 (802.11ax) technology
  • Suite of 9 Network Tests runs over Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot with inbuilt expert guidance 
  • Copy tests across locations and SSIDs
  • Data collected 24/7
  • Review historical data on user interface
  • Classification of APs and Clients via device fingerprinting 
  • Reduce remote site visits by up to 80%

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