Automatically discover Applications and their Dependencies on the Virtualization & Infrastructure layers

Uila CEO, Chia-chee Kuan and his opinion on Application-centric IT

Uila provides a non-disruptive and scalable Application auto-discovery solution for over 3000 applications & protocols with DPI and automatically correlates any Application Performance issues with underlying network, storage and compute performance to get to root-cause. This way you prevent downtime and guarantee the highest level of Application Performance for your mission critical business services.

Uila provides real-time visibility into the Application & Business Service Dependencies and also powers the IT teams with deep insights into web and database applications to allow for the issues to be narrowed down and mitigated.

With Uila, IT Operation teams can see performance from the user perspective — the way they expect to see it.

Covers the silos vertically, from application through virtualization to thephysical infrastructure, and horizontally (compute, storage & networking at virtual & physical layers).

Application-to-infrastructure dependencies to provide a complete understanding of how the infrastructure relates to applications

Identify Root cause of performance issues anywhere in the stack with end-to-end dependencies and the specific condition of each infrastructure component

Application performance monitoring that constantly tracks response time and service levels to identify bottlenecks and issues

Uila dashboard overview

How traffic flows through the datacenter with end-to-end visibility of traffic from the user to the infrastructure to help identify irregularities

Monitor performance from the end-user’s perspective all the way back through to the datacenter to identify issues before they impact the end-user

Maximize Operational Efficiencies with Full Stack Monitoring in a Single Product

Uila helps align Business and IT Operations goals in a single product with application visibility and correlated network, compute and storage insights. 

Uila’s Full stack visibility (Application Performance Monitoring, Infrastructure Performance Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Storage Monitoring) for virtualized data centers reduces troubleshooting time from days to minutes, enabling lean IT teams to get time back for more strategic projects. 

Uila helps identify blind spots in the infrastructure, empowers IT teams to manage and troubleshoot performance issues, and eliminate finger pointing between Infrastructure, Application/DevOps & Networking teams with automated root cause and forensics in a single click.

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