A vulnerability assessment platform

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The first Cyber Exposure platform to protect any asset on any computing platform

Eliminate blind spots with the industry’s most comprehensive visibility into traditional and modern assets, such as cloud, mobile devices, containers and web applications.

Complete Asset Visibility

Live discovery of both traditional and modern assets – including cloud, mobile, and containers – across any computing platform (even the ones you didn’t know about).

Actionable, Reliable Insight

Automatically assess where each asset is exposed and to what extent. Prioritize vulnerabilities, measure risks and speed remediation through intelligent use of business context.

Accurate Asset Tracking

Easily identify, track and license all your assets – even short-lived assets – while reducing costs and seeing your environment more clearly.

Simple to Deploy and Manage

With a choice of cloud or on-prem deployment models, Tenable.io includes scalable, centralized management that allows you to focus on security, not technology.

Vulnerability Management

Accurately identifies assets and their vulnerabilities, enabling faster remediation. Supports today’s most dynamic assets in ever-changing IT environments, including PCI ASV.

Web Application Scanning

Enables a comprehensive view of vulnerabilities in all your web applications – including AJAX and HTML5 web apps.

Container Security

Provides end-to-end visibility of container images, so you can discover, track and continuously protect containers. Seamlessly and securely enables DevOps.

Tenable.io Lumin

Delivers visualization, analytics and measurement insights to help you understand and reduce your Cyber Exposure.

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