Bluecoat PacketShaper

Protect Critical Application Performance, Ensure User Experience, and Align Network Resources with Business Priorities

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PacketShaper protects critical application performance and enables cloud adoption by ensuring superior performance and user experience for important cloud applications such as Office 365 and Salesforce. Powered by Global Intelligence Network, the PacketShaper can clearly identify cloud, business and mobile applications and application flows. Unique technologies such as TCP Rate Control and flexible QoS policies can effectively control network traffic flows to ensure network resource alignment and optimized application performance.

  • Clearly identify all business and cloud applications, and application traffic
  • Simple and easy-to-deploy QoS policies to manage network and application traffic
  • Bandwidth guarantee and prioritization for critical applications
  • Constrain disruptive traffic to minimize impact on critical applications
  • Manage application performance with patented TCP Rate Control technology

Manage WAN and Internet Link Efficiency, Ensure Superior User Experience

PacketShaper offers highly-scalable platforms for all your WAN and Internet performance optimization needs. With throughput capacity ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, it offers the scalability and performance for today’s demanding enterprise network environment.

In a world that is increasingly more interactive, mobile, and content-driven, the PacketShaper helps businesses deliver a superior user experience and control unnecessary bandwidth increases:

  • 360o view of all network traffic, including all ports and protocols
  • Auto-discovery and real-time classification of thousands of apps & millions of URLs into 84 categories
  • Reserve bandwidth for critical and real-time applications
  • Contain disruptive and recreational traffic while reclaiming bandwidth from non-business usage
  • Contain disruption and cost increase while embracing new trends such as BYOD, video and social media
  • Real-time monitoring of network status & traffic flows with built-in dashboards

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