NETSCOUT’s nGenius®PULSE delivers the insight into today’s evolving IT infrastructure needed to ensure the availability, reliability and performance of your mission critical business services. It monitors the “pulse” of your infrastructure.

Extend Service Oriented Approach Of nGenius Platform To Infrastructure Monitoring

NETSCOUT’s nGenius Pulse helps you to get a critical insight in to the performance of applications across distributed multi-cloud environments.

With nGeniusPULSE, you can monitor VMware virtual machines and Hypervisors to access Infrastructure intelligence for hybrid cloud architectures. nGeniusPULSE delivers vSphere infrastructure discovery and health as well as availability and health of vSphere components.

Extend infrastructure intelligence into the wireless network with WLAN infrastructure discovery and health monitoring. Integrated Wired and Wireless workflows expedite troubleshooting.

Test Access to Critical Services

NETSCOUT nGeniusPULSE uses synthetic or “active” testing to verify that your remote locations are able to access the business services that they need. Test availability and performance of the public cloud applications and services that your users need, no matter where they are located. Automatically and routinely simulate real user actions, testing the network, apps and services – even when no users are on the system. nGenius Pulse is the ideal system keep an eye on SaaS SLA’s., across multiple locations.

engenius pulse service dashboard
NETSCOUT Pulse transaction dashboard

Monitor action within application

Quickly and continuously test the availability and performance of any business service, from web and datacenter, to SaaS applications, including VoIP services. Business Transaction Testing gives you the visibility you need in to all components of a transaction, from log-in to log-out rather than just the availability of the log-in screen. 

Create Custom Tests

Your organization and IT team may want to test additional performance indicators based on your unique environment. nGeniusPULSE allows you to write and import scripts and create custom tests to test things such as bandwidth speed, loss or latency in your network – or just about any other critical piece of infrastructure equipment or service. You can also run pre-configured Ping and Open-Port tests.

Pulse custom tests

Product Capabilities

Enterprise Business Application Availability Monitoring
• Business Transaction Testing
• VoIP Call Testing
• Network Performance Testing
• HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, FTP, and Other Network Service Tests
• WLAN Infrastructure Health and Availability Monitoring
• Network Path Monitoring
• Network Device Health and Availability Monitoring
• Sever Health and Availability Monitoring
• Advanced Custom Test Script Platform
• Hardware and Software Monitoring Agents
• Web-based User Interface
• Up/Down and Performance-based Alerting

How NETSCOUT nGenius Pulse is deployed:

Pulse architecture

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