Arbor Networks Spectrum

High-performance network threat analytics platform

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Reduce your time to know critical threats already inside your organization

The most dangerous threats aren’t just malware, but attack campaigns carefully designed to break security perimeter defenses. While the Mean Time to Detect an attack is greater than 150 days, it only takes an average of 9 minutes for an attacker to compromise a network.

Epic Range

Arbor Spectrum provides complete network visibility paired with high fidelity ATLAS (Active Threat Level Analysis System) threat intelligence distilled from one-third of all global internet traffic. The combination gives customers the highest fidelity view into the threats that are happening in, on or around their networks. 

Faster Proof

Reach conclusions that matter — faster — with Arbor Spectrum’s real-time, high performance traffic archive, now integrated with NETSCOUT’s ISNG and ASI technology. Built-in investigation workflows, rapid search and easy pivots into months of past network and user activity, turns days and hours of work into seconds.

With better post exploit visibility into your network activity you can:

  • Proactively hunt for attack campaigns to see if active threats are lurking within your network.
  • Optimize existing SOC operations and investments in current security tools to more quickly recognize false positives and prioritize threats.
  • Stop exfiltration and thwart attack campaigns in their entirety. Track the lateral movement of adversaries, systems they’ve touched.
  • Eject or contain threats before theft, destruction and disruption to key assets and resources take place.

Key benefits of Arbor Networks Spectrum with ISNG include:

  • Removes the greatest complexity, performance and deployment barriers for security teams requiring access to high resolution wire data, past and present, to detect and distinguish irregular activity from active security threats.
  • Delivers unprecedented visibility across users, applications, protocols, and network data to bring hidden internal threats and attacks to the surface using NETSCOUT’s ASI technology and Arbor’s ATLAS Intelligence.
  • Orchestrates and automates the key network and security workflows to detect and investigate network threat activity up to 10x faster than traditional solutions, enabling security teams to scale up – accomplishing far more with existing staff and resources.
  • Optimizes investment in the ISNG platform, with common network infrastructure used for both service assurance with nGeniusONE platform and for security assurance with Arbor Spectrum.

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