OptiView XG Network Analysis Tablet
OptiView XG is now end of life.

The Portable Troubleshooter For The Distributed Enterprise. Why not try an alternate option

Put portable troubleshooting power in to distributed enterprises

The NETSCOUT Optiview XG is a custom built portable network analysis tablet with the power to monitor, visualise and troubleshoot enterprise networks. Using the NETSCOUT Optiview XG, technicians can gain a deep understanding as to what is connected, where is it connected and what is happening in your environment. Using features such as automated discovery, mapping of the local network and multiple functions to isolate the root cause of infrastructure-related problems, OptiView XG helps distribute problem solving throughout your organisation, making everyone more effective.

With an emphasis on portable troubleshooting and WLAN lifecycle management, the OptiView XG combines active performancetesting, automated health checks, graphical network analysis and documentation, and support for rapid deployment and performance monitoring of newer technologies such as 802.11ac and 10Gbps.

isolate your problem solving with graphical path analysis

Tired of using multiple platforms, old out of date maps and memory to isolate the network components that are responsible for delivering certain problematic patterns? Using the Optiview XG’s Graphical Path Analysis feature, you can quickly see the path that a conversation takes to get from point A to Point B and understand the health of that path to rapidly speed up your troubleshooting with quick isolation of the problem domain.

Optiview XG Path Analysis
Optiview XG Network Health

Core Capabilities

  • Wireless Analysis – Integrated tools for deploying, troubleshooting and securing 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WLANs
  • Network Analysis – Automated discovery, mapping, analysis and guided troubleshooting of your network infrastructure
  • Traffic and Packet Analysis – The ONLY tablet with 10 Gbps “On the wire” analysis
  • Performance Testing – Troubleshoot problems from end-to-end, conduct network assessments, validate new infrastructure and devices, and test service provider SLAs and QoS at up to a full line-rate of 10 Gbps

Optiview XG - Your Dedicated Wireless Companion

Optiview XG WLAN Mapping
Optiview XG WiFi Analyzer
Optiview XG Survey
Optiview XG Spectrum XT Analysis

Using the inbuilt Wireless infrastructure analysis and mapping features, the Optiview XG can query wireless devices such as AP’s and WLC’s to understand how the wireless network is operating and performing. The Optiview XG is also optimised for the suite of AirMagnet tools including AirMagnet Wifi Analyzer, AirMagnet Survey and AirMagnet Spectrum XT providing tools for full visibility across the lifecycle of your Wi-Fi network including the planning, surveying, troubleshooting, securing and optimising phases.

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