netally LinkRunner G2

The smart network tester for the connected world

The smart network tester for the connected world
  • Improves the effectiveness of network professionals by combining enhanced copper and fiber Ethernet testing with the Android™ OS
  • Streamline installation and troubleshooting workflows using vendor/device apps for configuration and triage
  • The first solution to offer a patented TruePower™ PoE test that supports 4-pair 51-Watt UPOE under load
  • Automated documentation in Link-Live cloud-based results management database saves time and improves collaboration

LinkRunner™ G2

NetAlly LinkRunner™ G2 is a simple, comprehensive network validation and configuration platform that empowers network professionals responsible for device deployment and troubleshooting. LinkRunner streamlines workflows by combining the essential aspects of installation and triage in a single, ruggedised unit.

linkrunner G2
Linkrunner G2

NetAlly LinkRunner G2 accelerates deployments and eliminates finger pointing by combining high-wattage PoE and copper and fiber network connectivity testing with vendor apps on the Android OS. This creates a more effective installation and troubleshooting workflow: with LinkRunner G2 technicians can review installation documentation, test loaded PoE and network services, document the results, and use other vendor-specific apps to configure and triage connected devices.

linkrunner G2

Test results can be automatically uploaded to the encrypted and highly secure Link-Live results management database at the completion of each test, facilitating more collaboration between network engineers and technicians greater job visibility, project control, and fleet management. ​

For organizations challenged by the rapid growth of network-connected devices, this next-generation test tool enables IT professionals to accelerate deployments and speed problem identification, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of network operations.

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