AirMagnet Spectrum XT

Spectrum XT – Proactively identify and locate any radio frequency (RF) interference impacting WiFi network performance.

When designing or maintaining an 802.11 a/b/g/n network, it’s important not to overlook the quality of the transport media; in this case the air. It’s surprising just how many things are out there which use the air as their transport media, BlueTooth, microwave, cordless phones, energy monitors, wireless IP cameras, cordless headsets & a wealth of other devices. They don’t necessarily operate within the 802.11 a/b/g/n range but can hugely impact the performance and reliability of your WLAN. AirMagnet

The spectrum analyzer for 802.11 (Wi-fi) networks that establishes the sources of RF interference

  •     Industry’s largest RF interferer classification database to gain automated reponses to performance problems
  •     Prioritise issues/interferers with Wi-Fi impact analysis capability
  •     Custom signatures allow for a prompt response to interference problems and allow independence on classification updates
  •     Spectrum analyzer troubleshoots WLAN problem caused by RF interference at remote locations quicker as it avoids costly ‘truck rolls.’

AirMagnet Spectrum XT is a commited solution to isolate these interference sources. It is used to either help you design your network around the interference sources or to pin-point them to remove them from your network.

AirMagnet Spectrum XT has its own special USB adaptor and external antenna and fully integrates with AirMagnet Survey and WiFi Analyzer.

AirMagnet Spectrum XT is the perfect solution for network engineers and installers/integrators for problem solving and deployment of WLAN networks. It is available in the universal and convenient USB form factor, which allows it to be used on any notebook, PC tablet and netbooks.

Spectrum XT is the only expert spectrum analyzer solution that combines in-depth RF analysis with real-time WLAN information for speedier and more authentic trouble­shooting of performance problems. This view of “impact analysis of RF interference” on the network’s overall performance establishes the source of those problems.

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