The NetAlly AirCheck G2 is a handheld tool designed for front-line technicians who are the first responders to the “Connection is bad” or the “Wi-Fi is down” call.

NetAlly AirCheck G2 Wi-Fi Tester

The NetAlly AirCheck G2 is the perfect tool for front line technicians who are responsible for deploying, validating, troubleshooting, securing or supporting 802.11 wireless networks.

The AirCheck G2 is the only 802.11ac handheld tester in the industry: Uses 802.11ac 3×3 Wi-Fi radios, supporting the latest Wi-Fi technology and the current standard being adopted by the industry.

Large 5” touchscreen display:  The large display of the AirCheck G2 increases ease of use with enhanced workflow. With the AirCheck G2 intuitive user interface, network technicians of any skill level can quickly isolate the cause of the problem, and using the cloud based Link-Live that works with the AirCheck G2, reports are centrally stored and sorted for team collaboration.

AutoTest provides answers to the most common problems that cause Wi-Fi complaints

Using the Auto-Test feature of the NetAlly AirCheck G2, you can pre-configure metrics and KPI’s that would be correct for either your new install or your existing WLAN and with a touch of 1 button instantly verify that you meet the necessary criteria.

Quickly verify quality, utilisation, interference, connectivity and coverage with 1 click.

NetAlly AirCheck G2 Wireless Tester in hand

Wired Ethernet Backhaul Testing

Although Wi-Fi is often referred to as magic, there are still limits to its possibilities and Access Points must get power and backhaul connectivity. Using the Ethernet test port on the side of the AirCheck G2 you can quickly see that you are getting the correct PoE, you are configured correctly on the switch port, you are getting the correct VLAN and IP address and that you can connect to network services such as DHCP, DNS and Gateway or WLAN Controllers.

AirCheck G2 Wired Testing

Centralised Reporting with Link-Live Cloud Service

NetAlly Link Live Cloud Service

The AirCheck G2 is a part of the Link-Live connected suite of tools. Using the Link-Live Cloud Service, you can be assured that your results are saved in the cloud for future review by yourself or your extended teams.

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