Mist Learning WLAN

The world's first AI driven Wi-Fi solution delivering unparalleled user experience, amazing indoor location services with unprecedented scale, agility, insight and automation.

Unparalleled User Experiences - For Clients and Administrators

Bring your enterprise in to the digital revolution. Mist AI powered Wi-Fi takes advantage of  true cloud technology enhancements, built with a modern microservices cloud architecture and inline engine to equip organisations with unprecedented scale, agility, insight and automation. Combined with flexible subscription services that combine to create the perfect blend of connectivity, performance, management, troubleshooting, analytics and engagement.

Juniper Mist AP43
Mist WiFi Dashboard

Proactive Wi-Fi Experience At Your Fingertips

Mist’s Wi-Fi Assurance utilises the machine learning algorithms and replaces traditional manual troubleshooting tasks with automated operations. This makes Wi-Fi reliable, predictable and measurable with a level of insight never seen before in to user service levels.

Set up and track your thresholds for user service levels for key criteria such as time to connect, capacity, coverage and throughput. When Mist detects an anomaly, it automatically creates a dynamic packet capture ready for your triage analysis saving you the hassle of having to wait for a fault to reoccur. 

MAXIMISE Wi-Fi User Experience

  • Proactively optimise Wi-Fi user performance
  • Prioritse key applications, resources and users
  • Simplify and secure specific user or group access to resources

MINIMISE IT Support Costs

  • Proactive root cause problem identification
  • Dynamic packet captures ready and waiting for you
  • Network automation with open API’s
Wifi Wifi Connection Insights
Wist Wifi Client Experience
Mist Wifi Root Casue Analysis

User Engagement

Improve experiences and revenue with indoor location and wayfinding

Mist indoor wayfinding
Mist User Engagement
Mist SDK

Eradicate the pre-conceptions of legacy indoor location systems of being expensive and inaccurate. Mist have once again re-written the books on the indoor location model with its patented virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE). This patented system creates an indoor location architecture that is easy to deploy and scale, highly accurate, highly agile and very cost efficient.

Use the User Engagement Service to leverage the vBLE array technology and cloud machine learning system at the heart of Mist to engage with your users like never before. Help them to navigate to certain rooms or areas, tell them about your new product or service, take them to an empty meeting room or conference facility.

Add Business Value

  • Implement new services, such as indoor vavigation and proximity based messaging
  • Increase brand loyalty through better, personalised experiences
  • Drive customer behaviour with unique offers
  • Trigger and automate IoT devices such as security cameras, HVAC systems, conference systems, lighting etc based on user location.

Maximise Productivity and Deliver Better Mobile Experiences

  • Easily direct employees or visitors to available resources, such as meeting rooms, consultation rooms etc
  • Share location information with colleagues, families etc
  • Drive value and revenue with personalised or location based offers

Mist Marvis – AI for IT

Optimize the wireless user experience

Mist Marvis uses patent-pending machine learning algorithms to adapt in real–time to changes in user, device, and application behavior. This ensures predictable and reliable Wi-Fi and enables accurate Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) location-based services.

Proactive IT operations

Mist Marvis uses AI to monitor network trends in real-time and send alerts when service levels degrade below defined thresholds. Recommendations are provided for troubleshooting and/or proactive configuration changes.

Using its learning algorithms and anomaly detection Marvis AI-engine brings the transformational concept of the self driving WLAN to IT teams. Identifying the root cause of issues through IT domains including WLAN, LAN, WAN and Security) Marvis can auto detect and resolve issues.

Mist Access Points

Mist is leading the convergence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE and IoT.
Key to this are our enterprise-grade APs, which include the following unique features:

Best WiFi and Bluetooth® LE performance

In addition to delivering the best Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave 2 range and performance, Mist APs have a dynamic vBLE 16 antenna array for the industry’s most accurate location services. Mist’s AP43 is a high performance 802.11ax WiFi 6 Access Point, with AI for AX.

Data collection, analysis and enforcement

All Mist APs have extra radios for collecting data and enforcing policies in conjunction with the Mist cloud, which is critical when doing analytics, machine learning, location services, and event correlation.

A single, enterprise-grade platform for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE, and IoT

Mist APs also have an expansion port for Internet of Things (IoT). This makes Mist APs a single, enterprise-class platform for all wireless connectivity options.

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