Mist Contact Tracing

Using Mist's Patented vBLE System and AI Driven Enterprise to Support the Needs of a Contact Tracing Solution

User Safety is Key to Continuity Planning for Enterprises

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. From a business perspective, User Continuity has become a key IT driven initiative in support of new business plans to enable them to continue to operate.

Now, IT departments are working hand in hand with Health and Safety, Facilities and Research & Development to take the lead in helping their businesses to address key questions such as:

  • If someone has identified as positive for a virus, or even if they are showing symptoms, who have they been close to?
  • Where on campus did they visit, how long were they there for?
  • Are there areas within the organisation where Social Distancing tends to be more relaxed, are there zones more susceptible to spreading the virus?
  • Can the organisation take proactive measures to stop and control unnecessary contact?
Juniper Mist AP43
Mist Contact Tracing Architecture

Using Mist to Deliver Effective Contact Tracing Solution

Mist’s Portfolio of Access Points include Wi-Fi, vBLE and IoT to help locate and interact with individuals and users.

There are indoor and outdoor Access Points which combine all of the above, or you can choose the BT11 which is vBLE (no Wi-Fi) to operate alongside your existing infrastructure if needed.

Mist’s Cloud Services including Mist WiFi Assurance, User Engagement and Asset Visibility would enable user continuity services such as zone based analytics and the ability to report on hot zones in real time leveraging both WiFi and BLE.

Using the Premium Analytics Service, customers can benefit from journey reports (from either connected Wifi, Bluetooth Badges or Mobile Apps). Contact tracing or Compliance reports, also the ability to check and track areas where cleaners have been during off hours to ensure all areas have been visited by cleaning and facilities teams.

Mist Dwell Time
Mist COntact Tracing by Areas Visited

Mist Access Points

Mist is leading the convergence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE and IoT.
Key to this are our enterprise-grade APs, which include the following unique features:

Best WiFi and Bluetooth® LE performance

In addition to delivering the best Wi-Fi 802.11ac Wave 2 range and performance, Mist APs have a dynamic vBLE 16 antenna array for the industry’s most accurate location services. Mists AP43 is the highest performance 802.11ax with BLE and AI for AX

Data collection, analysis and enforcement

All Mist APs have extra radios for collecting data and enforcing policies in conjunction with the Mist cloud, which is critical when doing analytics, machine learning, location services, and event correlation.

A single, enterprise-grade platform for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE, and IoT

Mist APs also have an expansion port for Internet of Things (IoT). This makes Mist APs a single, enterprise-class platform for all wireless connectivity options.

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