KeySight taps & Packet Brokers

Provide real-time, end-to-end visibility, insight and security into physical, virtual, SSL/TLS encrypted, SDN and NFV networks.

Keysight Visibility Solutions provide real-time, end-to-end visibility, insight and security into physical, virtual, SDN and NFV networks, delivering the control, coverage and performance in a seamless fashion to protect and improve crucial networking, data center and cloud business assets. 

Step 1: Capture all your network traffic by tapping every network link

Step 2: Through non-production links, traffic flows to one or more Vision network packet brokers where duplicate data is removed then filtered using NetStack, PacketStack, SecureStack  and AppStack visibility intelligence capabilities

Step 3: Your security, performance and monitoring tools receive the most appropriate data stream, tailored specifically for that tool; your tools work more efficiently, and most effectively


The Keysight family of taps provides 100 percent visibility and permanent passive access points into the customer’s network. When a monitoring tool is needed, simply connect the device to the tap instead of taking down the link and interrupting traffic. Taps pass all network traffic—including Layers 1 and 2 errors—without introducing bottlenecks or points of failure. Regardless of interface or location in the network, we provide a tap solution, supporting copper, multimode and single mode fiber at speeds up to 100Gbps with media conversion models available.
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Data is routed to one or many network packet brokers; the fabric of packet brokers serves to organize and streamline data for specific monitoring, performance and security tools. Known for their easy-to-use web interface, Ixia’s packet brokers do all the heavy lifting when it comes to managing filter rules, making it easy to manage change while freeing up valuable time to focus on other things. Data is then sent to security, performance and analytics tools; these tools can perform at an optimal level because they receive the right data in the right format and at a manageable throughput. In the case of inline deployments, approved data is then sent back into your network. Ixia offers single pane of glass management and configuration options, which allows you to scale in both physical and virtual environments.


Ixia's Active SSL Technology

With more and more traffic becoming encrypted, organisations need a way of getting visibility in to their SSL / TLS encrypted traffic for monitoring and security demands, whilst at the same time keeping tight control of the data remaining compliant.

Keysight’s Active SSL technology enables organisations that are using ephemeral key cryptography the ability to get visibility in to this traffic and send to their tool of choice for further action. Using Vision One to provide this Active decryption enables much greater tool efficiency, much greater flexibility and much greater resilience. 

With its dedicated cryptographic processor, Active SSL provides the best throughput integrated with a visibility solution. Moreover, it includes built-in policy management, Uniform Resource Locator (URL) categorization, support for all leading ciphers, and reporting.

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