Residential Wi-Fi Design Solution & User Experience Testing

Class leading, in home Wi-Fi design and user experience modelling

Enables Telco, Cable/MSO and their installation partners to provision highly effective Wi-Fi to their customers.


Optimise Access point location and settings

  • Fast set up
  • Provision network to customer needs
  • Ability to offer additional equipment such as higher grade AP, or Wi-Fi extenders for example.
  • Show design to customer in easy to understand format
GreenLee AirScout on tablet in home

Multi-floor heatmapping

Quickly show customers how their network will perform, provision for certain requirements such as HD or 4K streaming based on customer demands and needs

Greenlee Airscout multi floor heatmap

Centrally stored reports

Once the wireless ‘birth certificate’ has been produced for the customer, the work order and full details are saved to the cloud in an easy to navigate system. Perfect for help desk technicians to be able to go back to point of deployment when necessary

Designed for the mobile engineering force

Complete kits come in dedicated case that even charges your complete system!

Compact, complete

A complete system-in-a-box with self contained charging system that will run from 240 or 12v

Enterprise grade survey in the home!

Use enterprise class surveying methods to create first class Wi-Fi networks for your customers.

2.4/5ghz MIMO

Show user experience over different frequencies, using different grade of customer equipment


Increase customer satisfaction. Decrease repeat visits.

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