Aruba User Experience Insight

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi & improve Wi-Fi quality remotely

Cape Networks Dashboard

The Most Powerful, Intuitive Wi-Fi Dashboard

Understanding end-user experience just got easier— whether you’re a WLAN expert or not.

Aruba User Experience Insight sensors sit at the edge of your network and behave just as a client would, reporting back all of the metrics for all transactions to a centralised dashboard in an easy to read, web based GUI.

remote monitoring at your fingertips

Having the Aruba User Experience Insight (Cape) platform installed enables you to have detailed insight in to your end user experience and to diagnose and remediate service impacting issues before the phone even rings. Is it the wifi?, is it the network?, is it an application? Put on your Cape and find out..

Aruba Cape dashboard overview
Dashboard drilldown

Mobile & power backup

We have all been there. In the middle of troubleshooting and someone pulls the cable or disconnects the test device. The Aruba User Experience Insight sensors have both bases covered. LTE backhaul via a fully managed mobile connection ensures that even if network connectivity goes down, the sensors can still offload their data to the cloud. Combine this with the ‘last gasp’ on board power back up, gives a little extra time for the sensors to communicate in the even of power loss.


power backup
HPE Aruba Cape Sensor picture

Cloud based

Our data processing and dashboards are cloud-based: robust, scalable, don’t need installation, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You can plug in a User Experience Insight sensor and have it configured and operational within minutes.

Powerful testing sensor

Looks good in a conference room, classroom, or 5-star lounge.

Sleek, compact, silent

A device you’ll want in your office, hotel, hospital, school, store, stadium…

Powerful hardware and software

Full Linux stack, powerful tests and remote software updates.

Three network interfaces

Dual-band MIMO Wi-Fi, gigabit Ethernet and backup mobile connection.

Watch for yourself how quick to install and get going..

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