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7Signal’s Sapphire system is designed for enterprises within all vertical market sectors who have a dependency on their Wi-Fi system’s operation in order for them to go about their daily business. 7Signal is a distributed enterprise cloud wireless network monitoring system that continually monitors the performance of your WLAN system and its back-end architecture supporting the service.

Intense Wi-Fi Performance Management

As opposed to other Wi-Fi management systems provided by wireless access point vendors, 7signal is the only WLAN performance management system which permits you to proactively manage and optimise Wi-Fi networks based on meaningful metrics and regular testing that takes into consideration the experience of the end-user.

Below are some of the 600 WLAN key performance indicators (KPI’s) that we measure and track everyday.

  • Throughput                                     
  • Packet loss
  • Connect rates
  • Latency
  • Retransmission Rates
  • Voice quality

By providing this deep insight in to the actual performance of your WLAN system and measuring over time, 7Signal Sapphire provides the following benefits:

  • Enterprise-wide visibility of Wi-Fi performance from any browser
  • Find and fix WLAN issues before users notice or complain
  • Boost productivity by improving the Wi-Fi user experience for all
  • Track WLAN performance as the devices mix and usage evolves
  • Verify the true impact of WLAN configuration changes
  • Reduces the TCO of operating business-critical WLANs
  • Rapid SaaS deployment model
7signal eyeq

See if a change has been successful or not in seconds

With 7Signal deployed, you can quickly verify is a recent change has had a positive or detrimental impact in your environment. The adjacent video shows just haw quickly you can see if a recent change of adapter driver is what has caused an end user complaint.


Using 7signal Sapphire to manage your Wi-Fi network provides you with the following benefits:

System Architecture

The WiFi Performance Management system is made up of a range of intelligent Wi-Fi sensors created by 7signal named Sapphire Eyes. These sensors implement continuous passive and active WLAN network testing.

Sonar. The sonar is the test endpoint in which The Sapphire Eyes communicate with. Active tests consist of latency, throughput, jitter, voice MOS and packet loss. The Eye and Sonar work with each other to provide end-user experience testing.

Carat. The Carat Server is the place that all active and passive test profiles are managed from. The calculations and measurements provided by the Eyes are stored within the Carat’s database as KPIs. The mixture of active and passive tests provides you with a complete and holistic view of your network which enables you to analyse non-performing areas and use the Sapphire Analyzer user interface to find steps for remediation.

Crowdsource your Wi-Fi Troubleshooting with Mobile Eye

With 7Signal’s Mobile Eye you can now take enterprise W-Fi visibility to every single laptop or smartphone within your organisation and get detailed insights in to the performance of those users.

Performance tests are discreetly conducted on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices and the results stored within your Sapphire Cloud. The detailed statistics and comparison information is stored and trended, along with device data such as driver version and signal strength.

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