Profishark 1g

All in one gigabit Ethernet troubleshooter

Profishark 1G Tap

Portable All-In-One Gigabit Ethernet Network TAP

The Profishark 1G from Profitap is an extremely handy solution to a problem that many network technicians face; obtaining traffic from both Tx and Rx of a full duplex gigabit link and sending the data to your PC for investigation with your packet analyser of choice such as Wireshark for example.

This portable device is the equivalent of a gigabit aggregation tap and two NICs. The difference being that this device sends the network traffic to your laptop or desktop PC using high speed USB 3.0.

Long term capture

The flexibility of the solution also addresses another requirement – that for long term packet capture, where you are trying to troubleshoot intermittent faults for example.

Combine the Profishark 1G with a NAS system it now becomes much easier to get to the packets you need, making it easier to catch those intermittent problems when they happen.
  • Ringbuffer or normal capture mode
  • Split capture to different files, based on time or size
  • Compatible with all Intel based Synology NAS systems
 View video below to see this solution in action:

system implementation

Installation of Profishark

One of the key differences between the Profishark 1G and a conventional aggregation TAP is the data offload component. With a traditional aggregation TAP the data offload is Rj45, with 1Gb/s to the collector. With the USB3.0 interface being capable of speeds up to 5Gb/s it means that even on a highly utilised link, the aggregated traffic will not exceed the limits of the output.

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