Monitoring, Visibility & Test Solutions

Portable & HandHeld Network Analysis/Test

Network analysis tablet, capable of line rate 10gb packet capture, wired & wireless

Network Connectivity Tester to verify port configurations and settings

HandHeld AutoTester is the quickest and most complete copper and fiber cable network connectivity tester

Pocket tool for testing basic connectivity and port configurations

Portable Wireless Testing Products

Hand Held wireless tester to test and verify 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and wired backhaul

Laptop based wireless troubleshooting and security posture monitoring

L1 Spectrum Analyser and wireless interference identification

Centralised Wireless Monitoring & Testing Products

Wyebot – Wireless Intelligence Platform


Cloud based distributed end-user experience monitoring platform

Cloud or on premise, distributed application and SLA testing solution

Distributed Wifi Testing Platform

Full stack SaaS Visibility, AIOps

Enterprise Network & Application Visibility

Attain rapid and clear insights into service performance 

Testing of public & private hosted applications


Root cause analysis for datacentres and virtualised applications

Netflow & IPFIX network, application and user behaviour visibility

End user experience monitoring, SaaS, Full-Stack

Network Visibility Fabric & TAPS

Aggregation, regeneration, de-duplication, filtering, packet brokers, TAPS etc

ProfiShark, Aggregation, Regeneration, Bypass 1/10/40G

Diode, Aggregation, Regeneration, Bypass 1/10/40

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