Garland Technology provides a complete line of Network TAPs, from 10/100M Copper to 100G Fiber, inline edge security products, including EdgeSafe™ Bypass TAPs and EdgeLens® Inline Security Packet Broker, purpose-built network packet brokers, and specialized TAPs for industrial and military applications.

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Garland Technology is an industry leader of IT and OT network solutions for enterprise, critical infrastructures, and government agencies worldwide. Since 2011, Garland Technology has been engineering and manufacturing simple, reliable, and affordable Network TAPs and Network Packet Brokers. For help identifying the right IT / OT network visibility solutions for projects large and small, or to learn more about the inventor of the first bypass technology, visit or @garland-technology-llc.

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Garland Technologies believe that securing and monitoring your network is the ultimate goal. Our TAP to Tool philosophy empowers the solution by architecting to the tool, not competing with them. 

Garland Technology provides the scalability and flexibility to deploy what you need, when you need it, so you can focus on what’s important – performance and cybersecurity.

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Garland Technologies

Network Packet Brokers

Packet brokers serves to organise and streamline data for specific monitoring, performance, and security tools. Known for their easy-to-use web interface, packet brokers do all the heavy lifting when it comes to managing filter rules, making it easy to manage change while freeing up valuable time to focus on other things. Data is then sent to security, performance, and analytics tools; these tools can perform at an optimal level because they receive the right data in the right format and at a manageable throughput. In the case of inline deployments, approved data is then sent back into your network. 

Network Packet Brokers enhance the performance of network analysis and security tools, helping you solve application performance bottlenecks and troubleshoot problems on the network. This way you can benefit from greater monitoring and an improved return on investment.


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Network TAPS

A Network Tap sends copies of network traffic in both directions to a monitoring device such as an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or statistics traffic generator. Network taps optimize monitoring, security, and storage by enabling access to network traffic, reliably and unobtrusively.

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Ethernet TAPS

Ethernet TAPs seamlessly duplicate full-duplex 10M/100M/1G/10G traffic at wire speed. Our TAPs provide monitoring devices with traffic as if they were in-line, allowing them to view all 7 layers, including packets of all sizes and types, as well as low-level errors.

Fiber TAPS

Designed to enable flawless in-line monitoring of 1G, 10G, 40G and 100G fiber networks, our Fiber TAPs monitor all 7 OSI layers, packets of all sizes and types and low-level errors. They are non-intrusive, have no IP address and isolate monitoring devices from the network for complete security.

Regeneration TAPS

For situations where you want to monitor a single, critical network segment using several tools, a Regeneration TAP is what you need. Unlike an aggregation TAP, a regeneration TAP copies traffic from ONE network segment and sends it to MANY network monitoring tools simultaneously (1:M).

Replication TAPS

For situations where you want to monitor a single, critical network segment using several tools, a Replication TAP is what you need. A replication TAP sends copies of the network traffic to multiple monitoring tools simultaneously.

Bypass TAPS

Bypass TAPs can support active in-line network security and performance tools. They were designed to avoid the “single point of failure” problem with other security appliances.

Data Diode

Data Diodes are a purpose-built network hardware device that allows raw data to travel only in one direction. Data diode TAPs can be used as a traffic enforcer, guaranteeing information security or protection of critical digital systems, such as industrial control systems including Operational Technology (OT), from inbound cyber attacks whilst directing traffic to the appropriate monitoring/security platform.


A network TAP creates an exact copy of both sides of the traffic flow, continuously 24/7/365 and do not drop packets, introduce delay, or alter the data. They are either passive or “failsafe,” meaning traffic continues to flow between network devices if power is lost or a monitoring tool is removed, ensuring it isn’t a single point of failure.

Garland TAPS

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