Cloud Security Posture Assessment

cloud security posture assessment

Journey to the cloud demands “Security & Resilience Throughout”.

While the opportunities that cloud services have to offer are unparalleled, the full potential of the cloud cannot be unlocked without adequate security controls. Organisations moving to the cloud must be proactive in building indestructible guardrails to protect their cloud infrastructure from the challenges of misconfigurations.

“By 2022, 95% of cloud security breaches will be the result of misconguration and poor visibility”

At Iris Networks, we believe in outcome-focused business-driven security. This leads us to think about the financial, logistical, and environmental impact of a successful cyber-attack or technology disruption on business operations. Our approach is focused on achieving tangible visibility in your security posture with structure and pace. Overall, the outcomes expected are:

  • Asset Visibility: what assets do you currently have in your AWS, Azure and GCP cloud? What configuration do they have?

  • Security policies: what security regulations and standards does your AWS, Azure, and GCP cloud comply with? How can you resolve these issues? Do you comply with your organisation’s internal security policies?

What does “Security & Resilience Throughout” look like?

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