Iris Networks joins Mist Systems’ Reseller Partner Program to bring industry’s first AI-driven Wireless LAN to the UK

Iris Networks Mist Partner Reseller UKIris Networks Mist Partner Reseller UK


Iris Networks, a leading UK networking VAR, has announced today that it has become a Gold level partner in the Mist Reseller Partner Program. By reselling the world’s first AI-driven WLAN, Iris is revolutionising how organisations deploy, operate and manage wireless networks, and enabling mobile users to take advantage of Wi-Fi automation and enhanced location-based experiences using virtual Bluetooth LE.

As a Gold Partner of Mist Systems, Iris Networks is now able to build on its stable of market leading technologies and provide its existing and future customers with this ground breaking wireless solution. Iris Networks can now deliver a true value-added service with customer benefiting from AI driven wireless that helps service delivery teams to maintain their SLA’s, customer experience teams to promote engagement and businesses to be more flexible, agile and efficient.

Commenting on the partnership, Anthony Barrow, Managing Director, Iris Networks said, “Over time wireless networking has evolved from a point product to address a certain constraint be it a lack of cabling in a certain area, lack of budget, or an interim flexibility requirement and now is quickly becoming the ‘first’ choice for network connectivity in ‘wireless first’ initiatives. This has resulted in numerous challenges such as integration with existing equipment, network visibility, concerns around security both external and internal, maintaining service level experience expectations across multi-site distributed networks with centralised skills. Our partnership with Mist Systems means that we now have all of this covered and are now able to provide a truly next generation wireless platform that addresses all of these demands. We are excited about our future with Mist Systems and are proud to be a part of their extended team.”

“We are thrilled to be working with leading partners like Iris to bring AI-driven networking to the UK market,” said Mike Anderson, Vice President of Channel sales at Mist. “By automating operations and giving unprecedented visibility into the user experience, the Mist platform aligns perfectly with Iris’ vision of bringing next generation networking solutions to market.”

Service Assurance for Cloud Services


As many as 85 percent of corporate enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and up to 95 percent of enterprises are running applications or experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-services, according to Rightscale’s 2017 State of the Cloud Survey and report. Many enterprises are migrating to cloud-based services for more agility, retirement of legacy systems, capital cost savings, and as a way to deliver powerful solutions for their businesses and customers.

The increased dependence on hybrid cloud technologies and the risk that these initiatives may slow down or end up failing is an obvious concern. Rapid resolution of problems impacting services running through the cloud is a high priority for any enterprise or government agency. The large, complex, hybrid IT systems, consisting of legacy, private cloud and public cloud infrastructure, present significant challenges for IT teams tasked with discovering the root cause of a slowdown or degradation.

Specific challenges include:
• Lack of wire-data service assurance solutions that work in public cloud environments.

• Inefficiencies with backhauling copies of packets from the public cloud to on-premises tools that consume excessive network resources and may be cost prohibitive.

• Business concerns related to moving services to the public cloud due to fear of extended performance degradations, outages and costly mistakes in cloud resource allocation exacerbated by the gap in protection of wire data service assurance analysis.

• Hurdles in gaining visibility to the wire-data in virtualised environments.

As a NETSCOUT Paltinum Partner, Iris Networks provide a visionary and committed solution, who through our experience and resource, we can dramatically accelerate these migrations and technology initiatives to help maintain business continuity and leadership.

The NETSCOUT Approach

Extending your service assurance methodologies and workflows into your cloud environment is easy and predictable with NETSCOUT, your trusted and committed partner for Cloud Migration and server farm application assurance. NETSCOUT’s approach to service assurance is built on a foundation of Smart Data and Superior Analytics. Based on wire traffic, using NETSCOUT’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, provides the most robust data source available to monitor and analyze service delivery of applications throughout the modern IT landscape. NETSCOUT’s newly introduced Software application vScout, provides for the seamless extension of your nGenius architecture into your Cloud environment, and at new lower cost of ownership enhancing and ensuring the success of your cloud migration initiatives.

Our Solution

The nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform provides unrivaled visibility into IP-based business services, along with contextual workflows to speed problem resolution, making the solution both easy for a Level 1 responder to use and powerful for an expert to operate. Rather than looking at individual elements in isolation, nGeniusONE provides an overarching view into the performance characteristics of the components, micro services, and / or containers associated with service delivery of applications. In conjunction with NETSCOUT’s proven nGeniusONE platform, vScout and vStream software makes all of this possible by extending the power of wire data and ASI directly into the heart of an enterprise’s mission critical applications, whether they are on-premises or off-premises; on bare metal, in a private cloud or in a public cloud. This view exposes underlying service dependencies that help IT teams to more effectively manage health, availability, and user experience issues.

Only NETSCOUT extends the power of wire data and ASI directly into the heart of an enterprise’s mission critical applications – on- or off-premises; on bare metal, in private or public cloud.

Only NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE with vScout and vStream empowers enterprises to confidently migrate applications and services to both public and private clouds. Leveraging wire data, vScout and vStream create Smart Data by using ASI to analyze the rich information available from the flows of application traffic. This makes vScout ideal for monitoring hybrid cloud deployments and for managing the migration of applications into the public cloud.

Netscout Service Assurance Cloud

Delivering Value to Enterprises Migrating to and Using the Cloud

IT must support the hybrid environment of public and private cloud with the legacy environment to deliver services. NETSCOUT’s Service Assurance solutions help enterprises ensure successful rollouts and ongoing service performance for Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Legacy Infrastructure. NetOps and AppOps alike can collaboratively use ASI-based wire data to provide a complete view of application flows for service triage, proactive monitoring and deployment readiness before, during and after migrating to the cloud. This offers significant benefits enabling enterprises to:

• Meet business objectives and migrate to the cloud with confidence, using smart data and analytics from nGeniusONE, vScout and vStream

• Solve problems rapidly and economically with complete visibility into East-West as well as North-South traffic by using vScout to monitor packets flowing into and out of the application servers, including those in a micro-services architecture application

• Extend the value of the nGeniusONE Service Assurance solution with vStream, a platform for extending the many ways that wire data can be used

Reduce MTTR with true visibility into the health of application components, their interdependencies and interactions with the broader IT infrastructure

• Achieve comprehensive coverage of application services and vulnerabilities, on- or off-premises; on bare metal, in private or public cloud, today and into the future


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