OneTouch – New software Version v6.5.0

What’s new in v6.5.0 firmware

The v6.5 release will make the OneTouch the most complete troubleshooting tool for Enterprise network as well as the most versatile network validation tools with Autotest test for both Wired and Wi-Fi network.

  1. OneTouch 10G can perform NPT test based on ITU Y.1564 algorithm up to 10Gbps against another OneTouch 10G with ONE test stream.
  2. OneTouch 10G and G2 will support a Software NPT Reflector software for 10G NPT based on Y.1564, 1G wired NPT based on IETF RFC2544, and the Wi-Fi NPT.
  3. Allow user to define Autotest to Pass when Ping, TCP Connect, FTP or WEB failed.  This allows Autotest profile(s) to be created to validate SSID and/or VLAN configuration, such as those configured for Guest or non-IT related IoT devices, can successfully prevent access to critical IT resources.
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