Aircheck G2 Mastercare (Gold) Support Owners: New Features With Firmware Update Now Available!

The NETSCOUT AirCheck G2 just got better with a new software release that adds several highly demanded features including the ability to simply perform iPerf performance tests.

Key New Features

  • Performance Testing: Quickly and easily test the throughput on your network by conducting iPerf tests from an AirCheck G2 to an iPerf server. Tests can be conducted with a customer’s iPerf server they install themselves or utilizing our new Test Accessory.
  • Captive Portal Support: Conduct all AirCheck tests on public facing networks that feature a captive portal websites that require a user to click through Terms and Conditions or type basic information into a form before access is given.
  • Authorization Classes: One of our popular AirCheck G1 features is now available on the AirCheck G2. Users can now mark APs as Authorized, Unauthorized, Neighboring, or Flagged.
  • Interferer Detection and Classification: Simply detect interferers such as Microwave ovens or wireless cameras using the wireless radio internal to the AirCheck G2.
  • Various Small Enhancements: There are several other minor enhancements that are detailed in the software release notes found on our website. They include: Channel overlap, supported vs. basic rates, and the ability to save packet captures.

Learn how these key new features (and more) are used in the real-world by watching this recorded webinar with customer George Stefanik, Wireless Architect. He walks through all the new features and how it helps save his team hours of testing time with the AirCheck G2 wireless tester and it’s new Test Accessory.



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