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The amount and sophistication of cyber-attacks is increasing exponentially and many enterprises are finding their security systems are wilting under the pressure

Malware, ransomware, botnets, zero-day attacks – they’re all on the up, and overworked support staff trying to cope with the daily barrage of alerts are taking too long to respond and investigate.

ThreatARMOR from network performance and security specialist Ixia takes the load off their shoulders by the simple expedient of blocking malware beyond the network perimeter. Instead of analysing each attack, ThreatARMOR checks their IP launch source address against a constantly updated list and blocks them, if they are on it.

The key advantage is that it doesn’t use signature-based analysis, so there are no false positives. By greatly reducing the amount of incoming traffic and alerts, ThreatARMOR also improves firewall performance and IT support productivity.


ixia threatarmor dashboard security


The IP address source list is maintained by Ixia’s Application and Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center, which has over a decade of experience. It gathers intelligence on threats including malware, botnets, hijacked IP address ranges and more and makes it available to ThreatARMOR as a constantly evolving database, with updates occurring every five minutes.


In a recent review, ITPro highlight how simple and effective deploying ThreatARMOR is by instantly reducing the load on firewalls by blocking out unwanted and known-bad traffic as well as increasing security defenses against cyber threats


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