Announcing the Release of AirMagnet Survey & Planner v9.1

On December 20, 2016, NETSCOUT will release version 9.1 for the AirMagnet Survey products:  AirMagnet Survey PRO, AirMagnet Survey Express, and AirMagnet Planner.  This release adds the capability to import walls into Planner from a CAD file, making VoFi surveys available to all Survey PRO users, new antenna patterns, and feedback we’ve received from our customers on ways to make the tool more valuable and usable.

Highlights of new Survey features

  • CAD Import:

Drawing walls in a floorplan can be a tedious and time consuming task, AirMagnet Survey PRO release 9.1 now allows for walls to be automatically imported from the user’s CAD image of their building, dramatically reducing the time it takes to prepare a floorplan.

Each CAD layer can be individually selected for extraction and given a unique attenuation type to get the most accurate model possible for the site. Extraction allows the user to choose as many or as few layers as needed.  All the same wall attenuation types that are available in Planner for manual wall placement are available for CAD extracted walls.

  • VoFi surveys:

VoFi surveys can be helpful in troubleshooting problem areas in a VoFi deployment; they can provide details about the active call such as WiMOS, roaming frequency, and signal strength.  Traditionally performing VoFi surveys required an installed copy of VoFi Analyzer, but this feature is now being opened up to all users.

VoFi surveys gather data from an active connection between a wireless AP and a VoFi phone. To establish this connection, users generate a call between two phones (one of which must be a VoFi phone; the other may be VoFi or wired) before attempting to start the survey. Once Survey detects the call, the user can start collecting the survey data.  With the differences between individual VoFi phones, users must provide some configuration information in order to ensure that Survey can properly interpret the data received from VoFi surveys. This process consists of the user creating VoFi phone profiles within Survey’s phonebook that correspond to the types of phones in use (or expected to be in use) on the VoFi deployment.

Product availability & Website Updates

  • The new versions of AirMagnet Survey products will be available December 20, 2016. Existing customers under Gold support can download the release from their MyAirMagnet account on the NETSCOUT portal.


Interested in trying out Survey Pro?  Contact us to arrange an evaluation license!

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