Announcing the Release of AirMagnet Survey v9.0, Spectrum XT v3.8 and Wi-Fi Analyzer v11.2

NETSCOUT has now released version 9.0 for the AirMagnet Survey products:  AirMagnet Survey PRO, AirMagnet Survey Express, and AirMagnet Planner.  In addition to being fully NETSCOUT branded, this new release is focused on feedback we’ve received from our customers on ways to make the tool more valuable and usable.

At the same time, NETSCOUT will release Spectrum XT version 3.8 and Wi-Fi Analyzer version 11.2. These releases will also include NETSCOUT branding and user enhancements.

Highlights of new Survey features

Survey Mobile for Android:
AirMagnet Survey PRO release 9.0 provides you with NETSCOUT’S Android-based survey tool Survey Mobile.  [Note, Survey Mobile is only included with Survey PRO.]

Survey Mobile allows you to quickly and easily conduct surveys on Android phones or tablets. This allows data to be collected on lower end BYOD / consumer grade devices to see how these devices will experience the network.  Once your survey is complete, simply email the project from your handheld device and open the project in AirMagnet Survey PRO for deeper survey analysis and reporting.

Customers can find the .apk file for this software in their Survey PRO installation directory.

Additional Viewer Licenses:
For customers with an active Gold contract, they will now be given up to 3 viewer licenses rather than the current 1.  The first viewer license will be provided through the MyAirMagnet interface just as it is today, and the extra viewer licenses can be obtained by contacting our TAC team.

CAD layer viewing:
When importing a DWG image, users can now select which specific layers within the CAD drawing they would like to view within Survey.  This can cut down on clutter and make CAD files much easier to work with.

Automatic AP Numbering:
This release adds an automatic renumbering feature to the Planner functionality.  If access points are deleted / removed during the course of planning activities, the renumbering button will allow all APs in the floorplan to be renumbered without gaps in the numbering scheme.  This removes the need for our customers to manually renumber all APs in a site.

New Spectrum XT and Wi-Fi Analyzer features

Spectrum XT AP Alias Names, DFS spectrum labeling, Add All to Reports.
This release provides users the option to assign a user-friendly alias name to APs for display throughout the product. It also labels on the spectrum graphs where Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) channels reside, which is important for seeing where these conditional-availability channels lie relative to spectrum activity. A button for adding all displayed graphs to a custom report quickens the report creation process.

Wi-Fi Analyzer multi-adapter capture save to .cap format
This release provides users the option to save multi-adapter packet captures to a .cap file format.

AirCheck G2 upgrade v1.1

The AirCheck G2 1.1 upgrade is now available!

MyAccount portal is now live with documentation, firmware, and firmware release notes.

This first upgrade to the recently launched AirCheck G2 brings many valuable new features that users have requested to aid in their testing of Wi-Fi networks:

  • Emulate user device received signal levels with custom signal level adjustments
  • Aruba access point names advertised in the beacons are now shown
  • Focus your testing by selecting which channels to scan
  • Access Point basic and extended supported rates are shown to identify mis-configurations that result in slow performance
  • AutoTest Co-Channel Interference and Adjacent Channel Interference tests: view the actual APs that were counted on each channel by touching that result.
  • Retry rate, a critical key performance indicator, is added to the Network and Access Point connection tests
  • Support for a USB headset for use in the Locate Access Point or Client audio function
  • Session and screen capture files can now be saved directly to a USB drive
  • An include vs exclude option is added for SSID Filtering, so you can view all SSIDs except the ones you specify, or view only the ones you specify
  • A web proxy to facility Link-Live uploads of test results is added
  • AirCheck G2 Manager Reports are now localized in 9 different languages


The v1.1 upgrade for both the AirCheck G2 and the AirCheck G2 Manager is available to all existing AirCheck G2 customers at no charge. It is posted on customers’ MyAccount portal. Customers first need to download and install AirCheck G2 Manager v1.1. Then they can download and update their AirCheck G2 unit with the v1.1 upgrade using AirCheck G2 Manager.


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