Welcome to NETSCOUT

Organizations need highly reliable IT infrastructures to ensure that business operations are never interrupted. The role of IT has become that of “guardian of the connected world,” and it’s a critical role. Proactive, real-time monitoring is a must to ensure ongoing, optimal service.

The combination of NETSCOUT and Danaher’s Communications Group, comprising of Tektronix Communications, Arbor Networks, and parts of Fluke Networks, provides a comprehensive product portfolio across service assurance and performance analytics, business intelligence, and cyber-threat mitigation solutions for service providers, as well as large and small enterprises.

Below are the Fluke Networks Enterprise business unit product portfolio now owned by NETSCOUT:

  • Visual TruView™
  • LinkSprinter™
  • TruView™ Live
  • LinkRunner™
  • OptiView® XG
  • AirMagnet™
  • OneTouch™
  • AirCheck™

About the Merger

On July 14, 2015, Danaher Corporation (the parent company of Fluke Networks), merged its Fluke Networks Enterprise business unit with NETSCOUT Systems, an independent, publicly held company (NASDAQ:NTCT). The Fluke Networks Enterprise business unit product portfolio now owned by NetScout, includes Visual TruView™, TruView™ Live, OptiView® XG, OneTouch™, LinkSprinter™, LinkRunner™, AirMagnet™ and AirCheck™ solutions, as well as others. The remaining Fluke Networks product portfolio, including the DTX CableAnalyzer™, Versiv Cabling Certification System, LinkWare™ Live and Telecom products remain with Fluke Networks.


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