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Automated protection for your most vulnerable blind spot—outside the perimeter—where you’re targeted by spearphishing, account takeover, brand impersonations, physical threats & more.

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The Challenge

Social, mobile, digital and collaboration platforms—such as Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook, mobile app stores, Pastebin, Microsoft Teams, Reddit and more—have become the new cyber security battleground, presenting one of the largest and most dynamic risks to organizational security in decades. Modern organizations struggle with the scale, trusted nature, and lack of visibility of these platforms, and they’re vulnerable against a new breed of highly-effective attacks outside the perimeter, ranging from targeted phishing and spoofed accounts to executive threats and data loss.

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Intellectual Property 

      Copyrighted content repurposed for malicious activity

Brand Impersonation 

      Brand name used to dupe legitimate customers

Malicious Links 

      Domain squatting URL & shortened links lead to phishing pages

Hashtag Hijacking 

      Marketing hashtag hijacked to target genuine followers

Fake Promotions 

      Malicious ads drive to phishing pages, counterfeit goods or malware
zerofox social media iris networks


The ZeroFOX Platform delivers automated threat detection and remediation across social, mobile, digital, and collaboration platforms. ZeroFOX identifies organizational risks and security threats targeting both businesses and employees. Using targeted data collection and artificial intelligence-driven analysis engines, the ZeroFOX platform automatically identifies and remediates fraudulent accounts, phishing attacks, customer scams, exposed PII, insider threats and more.

The rise of social media has introduced a new security paradigm, one that puts users—employees, customers and partners—squarely in the attacker’s crosshairs. Social media has become the new cyber battleground, presenting one of the largest, most dynamic risks to organizational security in decades.

Attackers leverage social media for three main reasons:

The scale of social media

With 2 billion people on social media worldwide, attacks can spread like any other viral trend. The adversary can use trends, clickbait, and hashtags to broadcast their attack, either to general population or to a certain group of people. This poses a monumental challenge for security teams to overcome manually.

The trusted nature of social media

Well over one third of people accept unknown friend requests on social media, making it one of most effective vehicles for gaining the trust of a target. Once an attacker has entered one of their target’s trusted social circles, it is much easier to entice the target to click a malicious link or file.

Invisibility to security teams

According to Computerworld, the average American spends over ¼ of their online time on social networks. InfoSec teams have no existing tools in their arsenal to extend their visibility beyond the perimeter into the social media realm, where employees are dangerously vulnerable to compromise.

Addressing critical social media threats

zerofox social media iris networks
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