WLAN Optimisation Services

The WLAN Optimization Service enhances the capacity, capability and performance of your Wi-Fi network in order to provide the best possible end user experience.

During the optimisation process, 7signal recommends changes which are based on the data which has been gathered by the Sapphire system and your current network configuration. The impact of the changes is verified and reported alongside of a recommended changes.

The Wi-Fi optimisation service consists of a baseline report and up to 3 optimisations and includes a set of reports after each change.

Optimisation service includes the following phases:

  • Discovery and the gathering of data surrounding the WLAN environment
  • Baselining the area with a thorough set of measurements
  • Planning the Wi-Fi optimisation
  • Implementing changes
  • Change analysis
  • Final report

General Requirements

  • Eyes should not be moved at any time during the optimisation project, as it will affect baselining.
  • The 7signal Sapphire platform has been deployed to cover the WLAN optimisation area.
  • A single point of contact has been discovered by the client.
  • 7signal must be given remote access to the Sapphire system (VPN).
  • Once mutually agreed upon, the client should implement the recommended changes.
  • Customer must announce any changes planned or made to network during the project.
  • Once the first change has been made there is then a limit of 5 rounds of changes during a period of 30 days.