“The days of using SPANs and taps alone for network monitoring and security are quickly coming to an end.”
– EMA Report   

VSS Monitoring provides the physical devices and innovative software and hardware technologies that give you complete control over visibility into your network, and allow your tools to operate from anywhere.

Whether your network operates at speeds of 10/100M, Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 40 Gigabit, or 100 Gigabit (or all of these), VSS offers the widest range of devices to suit your network: from a single network TAP, to a 600-port chassis, to a 4000+ ports interconnected system.

Many of the features you need for a robust visibility solution, such as flow aware load balancing, packet filtering, and policy triggers, come standard in most of our products. While other features, such as deep packet inspection, interval measurements, packet slicing, and more, can be added to suit the needs of your monitoring and security infrastructure.

All VSS network packet brokers and TAPs are interoperable; all designed and produced “in-house” based on a unifying platform to ensure compatibility and scalability.

vBroker Series

Non-blocking, high density performance management for large-scale environments

  •   Module/blade & chassis
  •   Active Protection for inline tools
  •   vMesh™ compatible
  •   100G
  •   40G
  •   1G/10G
netscout VSS vb6000


Self-organizing mesh and tool chaining deliver advanced packet brokering for 10G networks


Hardware-accelerated packet optimization for performance monitoring and security systems on 40G networks

VSS vb440 netscout

HD (High Density) Fiber TAP

Pervasive, transparent and cost effective visibility into the network


Gain intelligent and optimized network packet visibility and access

  • Fixed config
  • vMesh™ compatible
  • 1G/10G
VSS optimizer netscout