Enterprise Performance Management

Support End-to-End Enterprise Performance Management

VSS Support End-to-End Enterprise Performance Management diagram

Performance management grows more challenging as network traffic speeds and volume increase. As network automation accelerates the rate of change within networks, reliable performance monitoring can prove impossible without new, large scale tools. The VSS Monitoring vBrokers and the vMesh architecture, a self-organizing system that provides continuous and ubiquitous network visibility, facilitate the deployment of and optimize the use of such tools.

The VSS vBroker provides software-based and hardware-accelerated capabilities to effectively aggregate, replicate, and manage the flows of traffic that need to be monitored in large-scale enterprise networks. Enterprise networks are growing and becoming more dynamic in nature which requires the monitoring infrastructure to be able to react in lockstep, and be self-configuring and self-healing. The vMesh architecture enables a Unified Visibility Plane that scales and operates dynamically, providing pervasive visibility to the appropriate monitoring systems, regardless of infrastructure modifications or changes in the source of network traffic. VSS Monitoring enables enterprise performance management and monitoring tools to be physically anywhere and logically everywhere.

Key features of an enterprise performance management visibility solution:

  1. Provide ubiquitous and global visibility across the network to monitor the performance of your digital business
  2. Offer a flexible common visibility architecture that serves the various organizational silos with on-demand visibility into the entire network
  3. Maximize performance management and monitoring with customized traffic flows to each tool and allow tools to act on traffic from multiple links simultaneously
  4. Enable minimal manual intervention and IT workload with tool location independence and remote configuration
  5. Offer ability to deploy, swap, and scale NPBs and capabilities to keep pace with the network and all of the attached monitoring systems
  6. Enable event-based triggers for automatic modification of traffic policy and notifications based on system and tool conditions
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