VSS Monitoring enables organizations of all sizes, across different industries to maintain visibility as their business-critical networks undergo significant change. They are carrying more and increasingly diverse traffic and applications. Perimeters have disappeared and network architectures are transforming, driven by scale and automation. The Unified Visibility Plane offers organizations a resilient, highly available architecture with centralized, decentralized and hybrid monitoring approaches to maintain visibility, independent of changes to the underlying network.

With a Unified Visibility Plane, network operations scales efficiently and can operate dynamically because monitoring systems are separated from the physical network. This separation is enabled by the vMesh Architecture, making the systems effectively location independent, giving them global visibility while minimizing manual intervention and IT workload. This abstraction of networks from monitoring systems also allows IT Ops, Net Ops and Sec Ops teams to dynamically test, deploy and configure tools, the traffic received by each tool and the speed at which tools receive that traffic to align with business needs and network requirements.

Monitor enterprise network and application performance in increasingly dynamic environments with agile and self-organizing visibility.

Enhance cyber security posture, capabilities and responses to evolving threats through friction-free iteration of security system deployments.

Maintain visibility for service assurance with a resilient, highly available architecture offering centralised, decentralised and hybrid monitoring approaches.