A unified solution that combines network performance monitoring, application transaction and response time analysis along with protocol analsys and reconstruction. TruView gives you answers FAST.

Multiple Tools in One

TrueView is a single appliance that carries the capabilities of 5 individual products typically needed to triage slowdowns and faults. These include

    1. 10Gbps Stream to Disk
    1. Packet & Transaction Analyser
    1. Netflow Analyser
    1. Device Management
    1. Correlating Engine to analyse data from all sources, time correlates and presents the data in a single and simple to deploy solution.

Auto Discovery and Auto Configuration

TruView can be installed and have you seeing reports within 15 minutes, it is amazingly fast and simple.

Single UI for all Data Sets with Multi-tenant Access

Completely customisable views that allow you to chose the way you see your data using a built in drag and drop dashboard creation wizard. With multi-tenant support, indivudal users can create there own views enabling them to display what is important to them.

Response time data is time-correlated with consumptive data as well as traffic analysis and transaction analysis, enabling users to isolate problem domain down to the application, network or server instantly. From there, users can dive deeper in to the application transactions, possible network bottlenecks or device performance issues through simple and intuative workflows.

Back-in-Time Application, Network and VoIP Performance Analytics

Using stream-to-disk technology, TruView records ALL network traffic up to full 10Gbps line rate so you don’t miss any critical events.

TrueView integrates the powerful and multi award winning ClearSight Analyzer which provides automatic application analysis. For each application flow, ClearSight Analyzer can automatically create bounce charts and highlights application impairments such as slow TCP server response and error status. In addition, ClearSight supports multi-segment analysis enabling visibility in to applications that span across multiple tiers or servers or network segments.

Quick Problem Domain Isolation to Application, Network or Server

TrueView combines multiple data sets in to a single time correlated context. TruView contextual site based pages show traffic data analysis as well as information on device health, if the network round trip is high. This approach of displaying data makes problem domain isolation possible by examining single pages as apposed to searching through continuous graphs of disperate data.

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