Virtualization and micro-services has given IT much more flexibility and helped improve infrastructure utilization, but multiple layers of obfuscation between the users, applications and infrastructure make it increasingly difficult for IT staff to identify the root cause of performance issues.

IT lacks the tools to be able to correlate application to infrastructure performance to determine what is causing an application to become unresponsive. Existing monitoring solutions focus on specific components in the stack and can’t provide end-to-end visibility of the datacenter. As a result, IT staff spend much of their time fighting fires and trying to identify root cause, jumping from one tool to another looking for information, and sitting in finger-pointing meetings.

Uila’s Application-Centric Infrastructure Monitoring Monitoring helps align business and IT Operations goals in a single product by providing IT Operations with the application visibility and correlated network, compute and storage insights for Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud-based Data Centers (such as VMWare, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Docker Container, etc.).