TerraWave’s MIMO/802.3af site survey battery pack (Model: TW-SSBP-007) provides 6-8 hours of extension cord free surveying and is designed to power most leading manufacturers’ 802.11 a/b/g or 802.11n radio products, including the Cisco 1252 Access Point. Please note that the battery pack supports 802.3af compliant access points and does not support the legacy Cisco power protocol solutions.

Features and Benefits:
– Provides DC power for a full 6-8 hour shift of surveying
– Built-in RJ45 port that supports the 802.3af (Power over Ethernet) standard and supports any 802.3af compliant product
– 56 Volt port for the Cisco 1252 AP
– Built-in charge indicator light
– Feet are made with sturdy plastic for longer life
– Case made from aluminum to minimize weight
– Internal components are rugged to withstand use in the field
– Holes pre-drilled in lid to allow most manufacturers’ AP’s to be mounted directly to the battery pack using the manufacturers’ mounting bracket
– Includes charger and built-in handle