Sapphire Cloud

A quicker, easier way to start analyzing your WLAN

The 7signal Sapphire Cloud is a WLAN performance management solution similar in functionality to the 7signal Sapphire platform hosted in an enterprise. The Carat and Sonar software is hosted on a reliable cloud infrastructure and operated by 7signal.

You purchase 7signal’s state-of-the-art Wi-Fi sensors, called Sapphire Eyes, and place them in the areas you designate. When the Eye powers up and connects to your network, it will establish a connection to 7signal’s Sapphire Cloud. It’s that simple. Network measurement and analysis is now ready to begin.

Sapphire Solution Benefits

  • Proactively monitor and measure your WLAN according to service level targets you set
  • Find and fix WLAN issues before users notice or complain
  • Boost productivity by improving the Wi-Fi user experience for your organization
  • Track WLAN performance as your environment and the devices used change over time
  • Verify WLAN changes to assure positive impact

Sapphire Cloud Benefits

  • No need to provision or manage enterprise servers or databases
  • Dramatically reduces total implementation time
  • Can view WLAN performance from any internal or external location
  • Upgrades happen automatically and require no human intervention

Architectural Overview

The Sapphire Cloud hosts two 7signal components, which removes the need to install and manage virtual servers on your premises. The Sapphire Cloud provides triple redundancy across multiple data centers and is maintained by 7signal.

Sonar. The Sapphire Eyes communicate with a test endpoint called the Sonar. Active tests include throughput, packet loss, latency, voice MOS and jitter. The Eye and Sonar work together to perform end-user experience testing.

Carat. All active and passive test profiles are managed from the Carat Server. Calculations and measurements performed by the Eyes are contained within the Carat’s database as key performance indicators (KPIs). The combination of active and passive tests adds provides you a comprehensive and holistic view of your network. You can drill down to analyze non-performing areas and use Carat’s auto-analyze / auto-optimize function to suggest remediation steps