NETSCOUT’s nGenius®PULSE delivers the insight into today’s evolving IT infrastructure needed to ensure the availability, reliability and performance of your mission critical business services. It monitors the pulse of your infrastructure.

IT infrastructure is undergoing a transformation. Public and private cloud technologies are being blended together with traditional on-premise data centers to create a new and more complex design for the delivery of applications to the business. For IT, this means ensuring the availability, reliability and performance of both the business services and the underlying infrastructure. Managing the applications, servers and networks used to deliver services combined with the remote sites, mobile workforces, wired and wireless technologies can seem overwhelming and costly. Furthermore, this complexity and sheer number of devices in today’s infrastructure make it difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of the organization.

NetScout’s nGenius PULSE delivers the insight into today’s evolving IT infrastructure needed to ensure the availability, reliability and performance of your mission critical business services. nGenius PULSE extends the service-oriented approach of nGenius ONE and ASI. When a problem is identified by nGeniusONE and isolated as a potential infrastructure issue, IT can drill down directly from the nGenius ONE console to the underlying infrastructure element. With one contextual workflow, IT doesn’t need stop the process and start using a separate infrastructure component monitoring tool. nGenius PULSE combines the use of synthetic testing to measure the availability and performance of business services, including SaaS applications, with infrastructure health monitoring including servers and network devices. This combination gives IT visibility into the expanded infrastructure to ensure that service levels are met and helps verify and troubleshoot infrastructure issues. nGenius PULSE gives IT the “Pulse” of the infrastructure.
Server and device infrastructure health is monitored via polling from the nGenius PULSE Server to provide a holistic view of the end-user experience. For business service availability and performance, hardware or software-based active “nPoints” are used to synthetically test the availability and performance of applications from many locations simultaneously to provide awareness from virtually any location or endpoint. All performance information is sent to the nGenius PULSE Server where it is displayed in easy-to-read dashboards and drill-downs. Based on customizable thresholds, alerts are sent to identify availability and performance issues.

Challenges Addressed by nGeniusPULSE

IT is expected to assure service delivery in increasingly hybrid environments that consist of on-premise and cloud applications and infrastructure. Many challenges must be overcome to meet these expectations and deliver a high-quality user experience.
Server and Network Device Monitoring: Once a problem has been identified, IT usually has to move to a separate component management tool to perform the final step of troubleshooting. This requires using multiple management tools from different vendors with little or no workflow between them; increasing the Mean Time to Know (MTTK). Another step may be required to determine which business services may be negatively affected by a component problem – further delaying problem resolution. IT needs a “top-down” view starting at the business service, with efficient monitoring configuration and smooth operational workflows to show correlating infrastructure components to quickly diagnose and resolve issues.
SaaS Visibility: With SaaS applications, IT is dependent on the 3rd-party vendor and often forced into a reactive mode when availability or performance issues are reported by business users working from many disparate locations where it is difficult to isolate the problem. IT needs visibility to identify who owns the issue and the data to report actual performance to their SaaS vendor for faster resolution.

nGeniusPULSE for Testing Infrastructure Health and SaaS Availability

nGeniusPULSE is a performance testing solution that monitors the health of the infrastructure delivering critical services. By starting with business service and moving to the delivery infrastructure, IT can use nGeniusPULSE results to quickly identify a problem domain so the correct team can start working for resolution.

  • Server Health: Availability and health monitoring of Windows and Linux servers. Monitor: Uptime, CPU, Memory, Disk Usage and I/O, Network I/O
  • Network Device Health: Availability and health monitoring of routers and switches Monitor: Uptime, CPU, Memory, Interface Status and Utilization
  • Syslog: Syslog data collection from servers and network devices. Error and event troubleshooting
  • Synthetic Tests: SaaS application availability monitoring, measuring the layer 3 ISP from source to destination (from DNS to the application server.)
  • Active tests: HTTP, HTTPS, VoIP, Ping, TCP Port Connect, Traceroute.
  • Create Custom Tests: Specify metrics to routinely and automatically test, with results delivered to nGeniusPULSE dashboards
  • Operational Workflows: nGeniusPULSE integrates with nGeniusONE, providing one contextual workflow. Monitor, troubleshoot, and report infrastructure problems
  • Dashboards: View the status of all services and infrastructure tested from all locations in one dashboard Then, drill down for test details and easy-to- read graphs and trend charts.

Netscout nGenius Pulse

Benefits of using nGeniusPULSE

  • Streamline workflows and reduce complexity via built-in integration with nGeniusONE to monitor infrastructure health.
  • Reduce need for additional infrastructure component-level monitoring tools.
  • Gain accountability for 3rd party SaaS SLA compliance with verifiable performance data to share with vendors.
  • Test from anywhere to provide improved assistance to remote locations and users.
  • Improve business user experience to increase overall efficiency and productivity.