Extend the Visibility of Your Network Performance and Security Monitoring Tools to Monitoring Inter-VM Traffic

Extend the capabilities of your current tools to monitoring of Inter-VM traffic across all best-of-breed hypervisors in virtual computing environments. Control several Taps—or hundreds, with streamlined, unified management of both physical and virtual Taps from one stable, convenient central platform. Versatile new administration capabilities extend management to xBalancer™, iBypass™ and third-party devices. The Phantom Monitor component installs in the hypervisor for total traffic visibility. Use with virtual or physical Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), protocol analyzers, layer-2 and Later-3 probes, and other devices.

The Phantom Virtualization Tap:

  •     Performs smart filtering of traffic of interest at the collection point.
  •     Integrates kernel-level monitoring into the heart of your hypervisor and is virtual-switch agnostic—integrating smoothly with your virtual switching vendor of choice.
  •     Enables monitoring and access control in dynamic and distributed virtual environments.
  •     Eliminates the need for promiscuous mode v-switches, dedicated probes or counter intuitive shaping and routing.

– See more at: http://www.netoptics.com/products/virtual-cloud/phantom-virtualization-tap-hypervisor-based-virtual-networks#sthash.1o2lfGqV.dpuf