The Net Optics Director family of smart filtering appliances (Network Packet Brokers) directs traffic of interest to monitoring tools in order to relieve oversubscription, leverage tool investment across groups, and centralize monitoring in the NOC. These advanced network controller and data monitoring switches feature:

  •     Tap, aggregation, regeneration, matrix switching, and smart filtering in a single device
  •     Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), static and dynamic load balancing, and snapshot packet capture
  •     Fast ProPush™ statistics for microburst detection
  •     Low-latency, hardware-based TapFlow™ filtering engine
  •     10 Mbps to 10 Gbps operation
  •     Inline and SPAN network modules
  •     Dual, hot-swappable power supplies


Director xStream

Net Optics Director xStream is a monitoring access solution for 10G networks that provides advanced regeneration, aggregation, and filtering on a single device. – See more at:

Director Pro

Net Optics Director Pro is an advanced Network Packet Broker (NPB) and network controller switch that aggregates, filters and load balances network traffic sent to network monitoring, security and management tools. – See more at:


Net Optics Director is an advanced Network Packet Broker (NPB) and monitoring access switch that directs and load balances traffic by customizable filters to specific security, monitoring and management tools across the network. – See more at:

Director xStream Pro

Director xStream Pro is engineered with sixteen standard ports plus eight ProPorts™ sharing the same non-blocking switching fabric. The ProPorts are smart ports that provide True Timestamping, Dynamic Load Balancing, Deep Packet Inspection, and other intelligent capabilities – See more at: