ClearSight Analyzer

Application analysis without wading through hours of packets..

How many times have you been troubleshooting an issue and turned to packet capture for the answer? Chances are that you have used opensource tools such as WireShark to do this. Granted, opensource tools are often free to download and use however your time is not free and faults cost businesses money. The faster you isolate the problem and remediate it, the less cost and impact to the business.

The NETSCOUT ClearSight Analyzer is an application centric analysis product that presents your network traffic to you in a way which is much easier to understand. Do you really want to see packets, or would you rather see answers?

  • Real-time application performance monitoring with alarms for problem identification
  • Time-based analysis for trace files up to 4 Gigabytes to quickly identify relevant packets for the application-centric view
  • Real-time statistics, bounce charts and reports for flows on single or multiple segments –  to see issues quickly
  • Video and voice call status, QoS analysis and playback
  • User customizable summary report
  • Supports Wireshark® decode engine

ClearSight is that flexible, it will even take your WireShark decodes and present them to you in an application centric view.

ClearSight Analyzer is available as a software license to run on a PC, or on a dedicated high performance stream to disk rack mounted or portable appliance capable of up to 10Gb line rate packet capture.

Free no obligation trials of the software are available upon request.

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