DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise

Secure your business with biometrics, tokens and more

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise is a multi-factor authentication and access management solution that’s managed via Active Directory. It secures access to enterprise systems and applications from notebooks, desktops, and “kiosk-style” shared workstations from a single console. This software solution takes advantage of your Active Directory infrastructure to deliver high scalability and fault tolerance without special server hardware. In addition, IT managers can use familiar Group Policy tools to quickly create, deploy, enforce and monitor security policies across their domain.

Key Features:

  • Strong authentication. Replace passwords with fingerprints, faces, cards, and more.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) made seamless. Add to existing enterprise apps without hassles.

  • Access control for cloud apps. Prevent users from accessing business data from uncontrolled devices.

  • Emergency access recovery. Avoid lockouts when credentials are lost, stolen or forgotten.

  • Reports. Pre-defined reports around activity of computers, users and applications. Also provides compliance (SOX, PCI, HIPAA) reports.

Enforce and protect access to computers, applications and networks from one console

DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise gives you a cost-effective way to control access to your computers, applications, and networks. It lets you add strong authentication on top of Windows and your existing password-based applications as needed, without changing the apps themselves. With DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise, you can address today’s pressing needs and seamlessly scale up to handle more users and more applications as your requirements grow.

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