Centrally Managed Security, Networking & Application Control

Eliminate 6 complex appliances with 1 single, easy to manage appliance…

The First Cloud Managed Networking and Security Platform

The Meraki MX is a complete networking and security solution, constructed to ensure distributed networks are fast, safe, and easily manageable.

The MX is solely managed through Meraki’s web based dashboard. Constructed with intuitive controls for IT generalists, no training or specialized staff is required for the MX. It will also self-provision, which allows for remote branch deployments without on site IT.

Connects and Secures Branches from the Cloud

Meraki’s cloud management platform ensures it is simple to deploy secure, interconnected, centrally managed multi-site networks. Add new sites quickly with auto-configuring VPN. It allows you to manage user, content and application-aware firewall policies across your entire network.

Increases WAN Performance and Reduces Bandwidth Costs

Block undesireable bandwidth hogs like BitTorrent, and add capacity with WAN load balancing. Cache, deduplicate, and optimize traffic with WAN optimization to decrease bandwidth consumption by up to 99 percent and boost application performance by up to 209x.