Does your network know the difference between important cloud application traffic like Office 365 and, and lower-priority traffic like YouTube or Facebook? Do you have the tools necessary to ensure critical application performance and superior user experience while containing the impact of recreational traffic and eliminating unnecessary bandwidth costs?

In a world that is increasingly more interactive, mobile, and content-driven, Blue Coat PacketShaper helps enterprises to optimize WAN and Internet performance, deliver a superior user experience and control unnecessary bandwidth cost increases.

    • Reserve bandwidth for critical and real-time applications
    • Contain disruptive and recreational traffic while reclaiming bandwidth from non-business usage
    • Support cloud adoption and embrace new trends such as BYOD, video and social media
    • Eliminate unnecessary bandwidth increases and save on operating cost

PacketShaper offers highly-scalable platforms for all your specific business needs. With throughput capacity ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, the PacketShaper S-Series appliances are designed to deliver the scalability and performance for today’s demanding enterprise network environment.

Empowered by an on-board database and a cloud-connected real-time classification engine, the PacketShaper supports auto-discovery and categorization of 900+ applications and tens of millions of URLs and web applications. You will also benefit from the PacketShaper’s real-time monitoring and reporting capability for application performance and bandwidth efficiency to ensure your network and applications are always running at their optimal performance possible.

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