Matrix Switching
matrix switching


When deploying network analysers, probes, VoIP recording systems, and Intrusion Detection Systems you are often faced with a few challenges when it comes to selecting the right place to deploy them.

In complex environments you may have many network points which require monitoring including but not limited to the many points at the core, firewalls, routers, multiple VLANs, multiple SPAN’s (see problem 2!). Dependant on your network configuration this can prove to be quite costly based on the ‘per port’ costs of dedicated analysers, even more so when using 10G.

The 2nd issue you are often faced with is that of SPAN contention issues, there are simply not enough SPAN ports available to send the data to the multiple analysers that you need.

The Anue Net Tool Optimizer products are designed to counter the above issues and to help you maximise the visibility and performance that you receive from your analysis probes. Use the Net Tool Optimizer to connect your analysers physically to a much larger number of ports and using the easy to use GUI simply drag and drop the connections between ports giving you an instant connection.

Anue Net Tool Optimizers support the following modes of connection, and a mixture of the following connections:

  • Any-to-Any: All of the ports can be ‘drag-and-drop’ connected to any of the other ports
  • 1 to Many (regeneration): A port IN can be copied and redistributed to MANY ports OUT
  • Many-to-Any (aggregation): MULTIPLE ports in can be combined to fewer or single ports OUT
  • Load Balanced: Use this option to combine ports IN and distribute the data between multiple analyser ports
  • Filtered: Anue filtering sends only the traffic you are interested in analysing to the OUT port . You can even use Anue switches to monitor 10G links with less costly 1G analysers!

The Ixia Anue portfolio of matrix switching provides visibility into physical and virtual networks, improves network security and optimizes monitoring tool performance.

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