Netscout AirCheck G2

The NETSCOUT AirCheck G2 is a handheld tool designed for the front-line technicians that are the first responders to the “Connection is bad” or the “Wi-Fi is down” call.

The Aircheck G2 provides functionality for:

  • Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks to quickly and easily isolate the root-cause.
  • Planning, validating and baselining WLAN connectivity and Ethernet services.

The only 802.11ac handheld tester in the industry: Uses 802.11ac 3×3 Wi-Fi radios, supporting the latest Wi-Fi technology and the current standard being adopted by the industry.

Large 5” touchscreen display:  The large display increases ease of use with enhanced workflow. With the AirCheck G2 intuitive user interface, network technicians of any skill level can quickly isolate the cause of the problem.


  • 802.11ac 3×3 Radio
  • Link-Live Cloud Repository
  • 5” Touch screen
  • Simplified workflow
  • NetScout Branding


  • AutoTest
  • Locate AP’s, Clients and Rogues
  • Discovery of SSIDs, APs, clients, channels
  • Connection tests for Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • AirCheck G2 Manager PC app

AutoTest provides answers to the most common problems that cause Wi-Fi complaints

Auto test can generate a general test of the Wi-Fi network. The output will include many details that pertain to the network such as APs, SSIDs, Channels, and services. These results will indicate why a specific test result failed and help answer questions such as: Are there connectivity issues? Can clients get IP addresses? Are there channel issues?

AutoTest results can include tests specific to your network(s). This is a specific test to the selected network. Select a pull-down icon to see details of a result.

Netscout AirCheck G2 Autotest

WI-FI is just not working well?

The connection can be slow as a result of congestion. Too much interference from neighboring APs or non 802.11 interference such as security systems, microwaves are a couple of common examples. These interference issues can cause many problems.

“I can connect to the network but the network is slow”

AirCheck G2 can quickly determine whether there are any Air Quality problems.

  • 802.11 Utilization
  • Non 802.11 Utilization
  • Channel interference
Netscout AirCheck G2 Utilisation Utilization

Channel Utilisation

Netscout AirCheck G2 Over Utilisation Utilization

“I keep getting kicked off the wireless network”

AirCheck G2 provides quick access to channel utilisation:

  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels
  • Number of APs per channel
  • Number of clients per channel

Can’t Connect To The Network?

Whether it’s human error or failed services, mis-configured networks are very common and AirCheck G2 can help rule this possible issue out or determine it is the cause.

“I can connect to Wi-Fi but internet is down”

AirCheck G2 can quickly determine misconfigured services:

  • Authentication
  • Ping test
  • Speed test
  • Signal/Noise/SNR
Netscout AirCheck G2 Config

Validating Ethernet Connectivity

Ruling out the Ethernet component in the case of troubleshooting, validating, or deployment is a key step. Sometimes if nothing else, it provides a baseline that Ethernet is working before deployment or starting the troubleshooting process.

“It’s not the Wi-Fi, or is it?”

AirCheck G2 Ethernet Test

  • Is there enough power reaching the AP?
  • Can the port itself provide basic networking services?
Netscout AirCheck G2 Ethernet Test Validate

Unauthorised Access

Detect, View and Locate rogue devices

AirCheck G2 Manager

Customized reports, View sessions details, Manage Your AirCheck

Add your company logo and run customisable reports, and upgrade new firmware, AirCheck G2 provides the power and reporting expected with an enterprise grade device. View all session data in detail. It is packed with management functionality such as upload.

Netscout AirCheck G2 Manager

Manage Your AirCheck Remotely

Full remote connectivity to AirCheck G2 with VNC

  • Requires Ethernet and IP connectivity
  • Full AirCheck functionality

Option to connect to AirCheck G2 remotely using VNC provides unmatched convenience by allowing network technicians and engineers to remotely connect to a site for troubleshooting. Not only does this save time and truck rolls, but it also provides the flexibility to have non-Wi-Fi skilled personnel assist in troubleshooting.

LINK-LIVE Cloud Repository

“We have 250 APs to test across multiple sites, how do we track progress and provide a job report when completed?”

Link-Live provides a key role for troubleshooting by providing a historical perspective for single sites and the ability to manage and report on large sites. Now with Link-Live troubleshooting can be collaborative with nearly instant reports to the cloud repository, email of the test, historical view for the site, and the ability to run reports.